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Platts FOB China Rebar: Metals Price Assessments

What is Platts FOB China Rebar?

Platts FOB China Rebar assessments are assessments of the spot price of physical steel reinforcing bar exported from China.

Platts started assessing rebar prices in November 1, 2006. The assessment was initially on a monthly basis and subsequently on a weekly basis. Starting September 1, 2015, we have been assessing rebar export prices on a daily basis, reflecting the increase in the volume of Chinese exports and their growing influence on regional and global rebar pricing.

How do we assess FOB China Rebar?

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Platts FOB China rebar assessment is reflective of BS 4449: 2005 B500B or equivalent bars of 16-20 mm in diameter and 12 m in length.

Other specifications underlying the assessments include cargo size of 5,000 mt and a shipment date between one to two months forward from the date of publication. Detailed specifications can be found in the Steel and Ferrous Scrap Methodology & Specifications Guide.

Platts gathers and verifies information including trades, bids and offers from buyers and sellers active in the physical spot market, including producers, traders and end-users. Platts information sources span the range of participants in this market from those located in mainland China to those in Hong Kong and Singapore.

The data obtained by Platts, including transactions, bids and offers, are normalized for quality, dimensions, delivery timing, location and other terms of trade to the specifications underlying the assessment.

Platts FOB China rebar assessments reflect spot market value as of 5.30 pm in Singapore/Beijing.

Steel, Ferrous Scrap, Ferroalloys & Noble Alloys Methodology Guide

How do I access the price of FOB China Rebar?

The FOB China Rebar price assessment is alongside other global steel prices available in the following Platts services.

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