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The Platts Gold Premium 995 India Price: Metals Price Assessments

What is Gold Premium 995 India?

It is a daily assessment reflecting the value of gold for delivery into the Indian market. The premium -- sometimes a discount -- reflects the logistical cost and market fundamentals affecting the Indian gold market .

International markets dictate the gold bullion price as traders react to economic factors and events. Their view of the effect these may have on the gold price can often be disconnected from the market fundamentals where gold is actually purchased.

Our Platts Gold Premium 995 India price assessment (PGPI995) connects the prevailing international price for gold bullion with the wholesale value of gold kilobars in India -- one of the world's most important end-user markets.

The daily value of that premium in US dollars per troy ounce is based on our survey of banks, traders and dealers in various Indian cities. We collate and verify information which we then normalize using our rigorous longstanding methodology to our Indian gold premium standard: a kilobar of fine gold quality 995, available within 48 hours in the City of Ahmedabad, the traditional center for the gold trade.

The Platts Gold Premium 995 India price assessment is available in these services.

How we assess Platts Gold Premium 995 India PGPI995

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Platts Gold Premium 995 India (PGPI995) reflects the repeatable, transactable price of fine gold kilobars normalized to the above specifications. Assessments are completed on a daily basis, reflecting the spot market value of transactions, bids and offers from a particular day.

Market commentaries and assessment rationales highlighting bids, offers and confirmed transactions are published in our daily Market Report, Platts Metals Daily, our real-time information service, Platts Metals Alert and our end of day price feed service, Market Data - Metals.

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How do you access the Platts Gold Premium 995 India price assessment?

The Gold Premium 995 India price assessment can be accessed in the following Platts services:

Platts Metals Daily

  • Daily market report containing price assessments for all major precious and nonferrous markets including Platts Gold Premium 995 India
  • Daily coverage of the precious and nonferrous markets in the form of news, analysis and market commentary
  • Also includes both London, US Close and monthly average prices

Platts Metals Alert

  • Real-time news and pricing platform that publishes precious metal, nonferrous and ferrous news and price assessments including Platts Gold Premium 995 India
  • Includes market heards, bids, trades and offers for all relevant metals products
  • Publishes real-time exchange closing prices and fundamental updates from the LME, NYMEX and COMEX, as well as the Shanghai exchanges

Market Data - Metals

  • Daily price feed of the latest precious and nonferrous end-of-day assessments available to download via csv or fed directly into your company system. Includes Platts Gold Premium 995 India
  • This service also provides you with corrections, third-party data, and a rolling 45-day historical database
  • Complete and custom historical data sets are also available

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