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Turkish Rebar Export Price: Metals Price Assessments

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What is the Turkish Rebar Export Price?

Platts Rebar FOB Turkey assessment has been running since June 5 2006.

It reflects the spot price for sales of rebar in Turkey.

It specifies that the rebar is of Turkish origin and in bulk quantity. Containerized sales are considered as market movement indications but are not factored into assessment.

Platts considers a wide range of pricing weighted by quantity as different end markets pay differing amounts related to consumption.

Platts Rebar FOB Turkey assessment is assessed on a US dollar per metric ton basis with a time stamp of 16:30.

Looking to manage your risk through an Exchange/Clearing House?

The below settlement centres provide risk management tools basis Platts rebar price:

London Metal Exchange

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How Platts assesses Turkish Rebar Exports

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For Platts Rebar FOB Turkey assessment, trade, bid and offer information is captured from across the global market.

Data is normalized to reflect variable freight rates and purchasing power of particular end markets in setting market direction or sentiment.

The assessment reflects rebar exported from Turkey on an FOB basis with the following conditions: Cargoes are normalized at 2,000-3,000 mt in size, the window of delivery is between 2-8 weeks and payment terms are at sight.

Turkish Rebar Exports Assessment Methodology

How do I access the price of Turkish Rebar Exports?

The Turkish Rebar Exports assessment is alongside other ferrous prices available in the following Platts services.

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