Biofuels Alert

Platts Biofuels Alert is a real-time service providing breaking news and the latest biofuels price assessments for ethanol, ethanol swaps, biodiesel, RINs, MTBE and ETBE.

Platts Biofuels Alert provides global industry professionals with the real-time insight to stay on top of the markets. It includes critical up-to-the-minute pricing updates, end-of-day price assessments, essential news, in-depth analysis and expert commentary.


  • Over 100 term and spot price assessments for Europe, the Americas and Asia, Platts Biofuels Alert gives you a global perspective of the biofuels market.
  • Provides traders, buyers and sellers of ethanol, biodiesel, ETBE and MTBE critical, up-to-the-minute pricing information to assist in their sales and purchase decisions.
  • Enables business development and sales to use assessment and analysis to identify and act on opportunities in the market.
  • Enables producers, consumers and traders of diesel fuel, biodiesel, ethanol, MTBE, ETBE and gasoline to track production margins and gauge demand and supply balances.
  • Ensures banks and financial institutions involved in providing hedging and risk management tools to the biofuels industry have real-time access to the latest market information.
  • Our analysis of market developments and trends bring you a clear understanding of issues affecting the market.
  • It helps government agencies, ministries, NGOs and associations to understand the drivers of biofuels prices.


Backed by Platts' unrivalled team of industry specialists, Platts Biofuels Alert features:

  • Real-time information on bids, offers and heards for the global biofuels markets.
  • US and Asian ethanol Market On Close price assessments delivered on to one platform.
  • End-of-day price assessments, breaking news and relevant market coverage of the global biofuels industry consolidated in one report.
  • Global price assessments and commentary for ethanol swaps, biodiesel, MTBE, European ETBE and RINs numbers.
  • Regular publication of regional plant operating and production rates, feedstock crushing rates, new projects and related soft commodities news.

This service covers all the main biofuel markets worldwide, with over 100 Platts' price assessments published daily for the most commonly traded grades and locations, grouped into three main geographical regions:

  • Americas: Ethanol, Ethanol Swaps, Biodiesel, RINs, and MTBE
  • Europe: ETBE, MTBE, Ethanol, Biodiesel
  • Asia: Bioethanol, Biodiesel, MTBE

Platts Biofuels Alert service consists of 60 live pages available through a variety of delivery platforms including third party vendors such as Thomson Reuters and Bloomberg, as well as Platts' own real-time platform – Platts on the Net.

Platts Market Data – Biofuels

The price data listed in Platts Biofuels Alert is also available in data-point format for easy import and analysis. This is the most efficient, most reliable way to receive our industry-standard benchmark assessments.

For a modest additional cost, upgrade your subscription to include Market Data - Biofuels. With a click of a mouse, you'll have access to the latest biofuels price assessments in data-point format.

Market Data - Biofuels also provides you with end-of-day assessments, third-party data, and a rolling 45-day historical database for key assessments. For further information, please contact Platts Sales.

This product is not available to purchase online. Please either take a trial (if available) or contact Sales using the yellow buttons to the right hand side of this tab.

Basic Delivery

You can receive Platts Biofuels Alert on your PC via Platts proprietary platform Platts on the Net.

Platts Biofuels Alert - Add On

You can receive Platts Biofuels Alert as an add-on to your current Platts Global Alert or Platts Petrochemical Alert subscription.

Delivery partners

Our partners play a critical role to help ensure your company's success. We're pleased to have cooperative partnerships with the world's leading data delivery and analysis companies to help you extend the value of the information we provide throughout your organization. Please contact your nearest Platts office to discover whether you can access Platts Biofuels Alert through your existing vendor's delivery platforms.

Multiple-user subscriptions

Many clients purchase multiple subscriptions to ensure their entire staff has access to Platts’ information. We'll work with you to ensure our distribution methods meet your specific needs. For details, contact your nearest Platts' office.

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